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All staff must receive a comprehensive induction that takes account of recognised standards within the sector.
Participants will be required to complete questions throughout the programme to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the standards.
The trainer will assess the workbooks and feedback given.

CIS Notes (for new recruits)

  1. AR19 – Service Users’ Handbook
  2. Communication
  3. Role of the care worker
  4. Personal Development
  5. Equality Inclusion
  6. Duty of Care
  7. Safeguarding
  8. Person Centred approach
  9. Health and safety 2

CIS Questions

  1. Standard-1 Role of Heath Social Worker
  2. Standard-2 Personal Development
  3. Standard-3 Personal Development
  4. Standard-4 Equality Diversity
  5. Standard-5 Duty of Care
  6. Standard-6 Safeguarding
  7. Standard-7-Persona Centred Approach
  8. Standard-8 Health Safety 2